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The Sacred Sphere: From Stone Circles to Higgs Boson + Interview

In 2003 Paul Burley encountered a prehistoric native American medicine wheel at an elevation of over 10,500 ft in the mountains of Wyoming. A professional engineer and environmental geologist with over 25 years experience investigating the history of human impacts on the natural environment, Paul has researched sacred symbolism expressed by prehistoric and historic cultural traditions around the world. His research led to discovering that the medicine wheel in Wyoming was, and remains, an integral part of the largest stone circle on earth – 550 miles in diameter. His further research led to the startling finding that all sacred circular structures –ranging from design of the original ark of the Great Flood described in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh to mandalas of eastern philosophy, from the sacred hoop of native America to megalithic Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain - are, in fact, two dimensional facets of a unique spherical geometry derived from a specific pattern of nine great circles. This unique sacred geometrical configuration is common to virtually all cultures around the world and throughout time. Shamans have depicted the geometry in artworks over tens of thousands of years. Results of Paul’s research suggest strongly that the same geometry may reflect the shape of the universe itself. And now discovery of this geometry inherent in the Higgs boson may confirm that the Sacred Sphere is the fundamental geometry of energy itself. This would represent the first intersection of science and the sacred – a universal understanding of who we are, and why we are here.

Paul D. Burley DVD
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Paul D. Burley is an civil and geotechnical engineering consultant and environmental geologist who has investigated physical landscapes and historical cultural developments since 1980. In tandem with his professional geotechnical and environmental services, his research interests include ancient and indigenous architecture, engineering, science and technology. Paul’s latest book The Sacred Sphere (Beaver’s Pond Press ©2012) explores the many facets of circular symbols and ancient architecture that have represented sacred relationships between humans, the world and the cosmos, and the unique geometric structure that unifies sacred symbols associated with cultures around the world. Paul and his wife reside in northern Minnesota. www.pauldburley.com

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