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Welcome to megalithomania

A big thank you to all those that attended the 2017 Megalithomania Conference on 20th - 21st May. It was a rollicking success and we very much look forward to seeing you next year. Dates coming soon!

Join us in November in London at the Origins Conference with a fantastic line-up of speakers, followed by an exclusive tour around the British Museum on the Sunday. Details here.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you fellow Megalithomaniacs on one of our expeditions or conferences this year and wish you all well.


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"So was Megaltihomania worth the trip? Too right it was! Once again Hugh and his crew gave us a weekend of education, re-evaluation and entertainment"
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"Thanks Hugh! great trip for those that like alternative traveling and the deeper story to humanities history"- Jennifer Stein
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Sister's Fountain

This elaborate structure was erected over a spring in the 19th century and named Sisters Fountain because the owners nieces liked to play in its vicinity. The spring is reputed to have gushed forth from a spot where Joseph of Arimathea struck the ground with his staff.

Hopeton Earthworks

New Hopewell find called 'archaeological gold' as excavation confirms a previous magnetometry survey - details in the comments on our page. Hopewell Culture site with geometric mounds, in Ross County, Ohio. Located one mile (2 km) east of Mound City, on a terrace of the Scioto River. Primarily composed of the Great Circle (diameter 1050 feet) and an adjoining square 900 feet on a side.

Special Stonehenge Edition of Historic England Research magazine out now

Issue 6 of Historic England Research digital magazine is now available and focuses on recent research into the wider connected landscapes of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. A foreword to the special Stonehenge edition from Historic England's Chief Executive Duncan Wilson:

Newark Earthworks - Octagon

Octagon Earthworks Open House, 31 July 2017, Noon to 4pm. See comments.. Geometric Earthworks in Licking County, Ohio. The Octagon is made up of extended earthworks 4 to 7 feet high and approximately 10 feet across in most places. The earthwork encloses 55 acres, and is attached to a circular enclosure (the "Observatory Circle") containing about 20 acres.

Heysham St Peter's Churchyard

Video Talk: What we don’t know about the Heysham hogback - Prof Howard M. R. Williams speaking in the church earlier this month, see the comments on our page. Ancient Cross and Hogback in Lancashire. The lower part of the decorated shaft of a ninth century high cross is situated close to the gate in the churchyard to the south of St Peter's Church, Heysham.

Vasagård Jættestue

Denmark's oldest rock carvings excavated close to this site in southern Bornholm, with reliable dating to the Neolithic period. See the photos and latest comment on our page for more. Jættestue (Passage Grave) in Bornholm. Top Photo: Archaeologist Rune Iversen (left), who discovered the carvings on the newest found stone, which can be seen in the foreground with rounded recesses.